Natural resources are becoming a tool for hedging


“Hedging” is a technique or a tool used to minimize the risk their by maximizing the profit, In today;s scenario it is becoming common scene that large corporates are slowly foraying to plunder natural resources for increasing their profit. The dense forest with wide array of natural resources with gifted flora& foana are slowly becoming the victims of large scale corporates greed with an eye to plunder the available resources for an easy money. The elected govt and the politicians are silently offering all sorts of support with free hand in approvals and their by allocating the resources to corporates for them to loot and plunder.

All this free hand corporatisation of natural resources are happening under the guise of most popular term called development. Yes every one aspires of development , the present central& state moving in a fast track direction to approve projects and allocating forest lands for mining , creating special economic zones , allocating vast forest lands for building steel plants . Every individual who lives in this blue planet has their equal share in water, air& forest , But in the name of development there is a wide scale support extended by the ruling dispensations in com-modifying this gifts of nature for profiteering .

Many of us might not feel the pinch of it because we are least bothered or presently we are least affected by this move , but large scale tribal populations , farmer’s and other sections of the society are getting marginalized and displaced because of this. But when viewed through the eyes of corporates they are using this activity as a platform to increase their wealth by consolidating their positions at the cost of marginalized populations. People whose lively hood depends on forest resources are going to get displaced , building massive dams results in displacing populations from river shores , Farm lands are getting encroached for constructing large scale manufacturing units, new coal mine allocations would results in more number of trees getting slaughtered , when the mining starts it would results in getting the environment polluted and water sources getting depleted. We are treading towards a completely unsafe environment which is devoid of many repercussions and in the future it would create havoc in the basic living conditions for all of us.

The capitalist interest are slowly taking control over the commons which includes land , water and forest and easily being sold to corporates, Govt and its various institutions are actively and passively playing their part to further the destruction of this nature’s ecological balance .Development should be in the direction of conserving and protecting this nature’s balance. We have committees consists of various groups and expert advisers who are busy positioning themselves as agents of change to deteriorate the situation much further . Better we act now or else we are slowly going to become the victims of this greed.


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