The growing clout of Indian Middle class


It is an entrenching fact which can never be denied nor could be ignored , The growing clout of Indian middle class who has contributed to our nation’s growth so far. Every experts , economist & politicians will not be in spot of bother nor oblivious about the power of the middle class. The steady growth of dispensable income in the hands of this middle class has given us much required momentum to our economy .This section of the population could be called as the leaders of change who are capable to script a different path if they wish to . The reason is very simple these section of the population are generally salaried class working in public, private , organized & unorganized sectors . They earn and pays tax which generally adds up to major share of contribution to Govt’s exchequer .


They can make well though out decisions to support or reject a govt by voting them out or vice versa..this aspirational section of the population are spread across the states , but they are biggest consumers of products in Indian economy which drives the many of the corporates in India be it telecom, consumer durables & so on and so forth .They are major victims when changes in policy decisions on taxation, inflation & interest rates happens , but still this section are aspirational in nature and wants to improve their quality of living by paying taxes on time, stimulates, maintains the monetary transmission with out affecting the balance of the economy.

The recent election in our capital city throws some light towards the decision making power exhibited by this class and they preferred a new party of middle class people in the place of much experienced political party who has a history since independence. The vote for a new party is nothing but vote against the existing dispensation ,which is clearly marked with dissatisfaction& disgruntlement against bad governance and corruption .So when we are celebrating our 61st republic day we should indeed look back how this section has emerged in spite of all the hardships and bottlenecks .

In the comings years if executed properly this middle class could chart out a alternate path for this nation which would be inclusive in all respects, middle class could be well termed as the harbingers of change by helping the under privileged and poorer section of the society , it would be ideal if this middle class takes the lead in partnership with the under privileged sections .The successful run so far is clearly a great an exhibition of believing in the importance of education and using the knowledge& skills to their advantage where ever we go the economic activity is evidently visible in shopping malls, eateries& multiplexes that the middle class section are the major contributor to their income. So my contention here is that this growing middle class should come to the forefront with full force with action to counter corruption& corrupt politicians,they also should give a helping hand to the people below their levels to achieve and aspire , .If Kejriwal can become the chief minister of Delhi and Chai wallah Modi to be the  aspiring candidate for Prime minister’s office , this middle class has the power & ammunition to change the history and grab the locus of power from few elites or family and make them more participatory & inclusive one.







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