The Lost identity


Many times it has come to my  mind and few occasions I though to pen it down , But missed the bus few times to complete it and several occasions I though I might become mad thinking such a none sense things, The more negligent I was the  more prominent thought became . Are we all getting lost in the mass hysteria or to survive in this competitive world do we all started to compromise ? or had we started learning to compromise on our individuality? ,,,,,,In best terms taking cue from Darwins theory it could be well described as the survival of the fittest. Or could be better termed as compromising oneself to fit in to the present scheme of things, but objective is to survive and just to stay afloat.

But intentionally or not we are gradually loosing our individuality ,values systems, ethics so on and so forth. what prompted me to write this might be the experiences I have had during my personal as well as professional journey so far. The journey so far is been completely marred with confusions & doubts, still stayed along contemplating that this is what every one around us also does then why can’t I …when ever raised objections friends , peer groups & well wishers came forward by telling that you have to adjust and cope up , so we tend to compromise and go along with the wind ,As every one is heading along with wind then why can’t you ? Quite  natural and a usual question …nobody dares to question it also…..So what ultimately does to individuality is that we tries to cultivate those things required to appease others or willingly or unwillingly follows the crowd, because every one around us is also really busy chasing a unknown treasure willfully forgetting that more you go further much better it would be……..How long how far…..God alone knows, But still every one has become so busy chasing the unknown ..Because this what every one does …..So you are also naturally prone to be on the same track. If not the society puts you off the track or label you as inefficient.

So what I meant to say or what I want to deliberate up on is that in this world of networking , state of art technologies& innovative ideas revolutionizing the older conventions we tends to forget knowingly few important things and started to live the way the world does . So slowly we are getting lost somewhere and if somebody tires the regain it…..that will be termed odd man out. The corporates & markets are big time innovators under the guise of being pro customer …they are slowly changing the mindset of the customers by treating them as human commodity , but popularly called as customer centric , pro customer,tailor made and many more beautiful words ,encomiums. I felt so because our personal preferences are getting hijacked , interest which are close to our heart s are getting compromised for temporary comforts. I personally feels that I am getting lost some where .

We have learnt and still learning to master the art of compromising ourselves for better monetary benefits , comforts,With the passage of time this momentary yardsticks are getting redefined , but we keep chasing after reaching a certain point..and sees that their is something much better ahead , so why waste time better we can go attain that also…….Instead of trying to be myself , stretching myself too hard to become some one, in the course of this effort we are loosing ourselves & our identity.


One thought on “The Lost identity

  1. Everyone s tied with tis invisible knot of corporate/social/family/financial/& other pressures..beating all tese and geting into someting which makes u lively , which makes u happy s wat we have to strive hard..ts varies from person to person…once our deeds match with wat our heart says..we will be t best..


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