Need to treat women with Respect & Dignity


The Incidence of rape and molestation of females are doing rounds in media every now then…..The workplace harassment and treating women with lewd comments and viewing females second to man are not new but it is been going for a while since time immemorial. But it is heartening to see certain incidence of violence against women are coming openly in public domain but many of the women community are still facing this challenge in workplace as well in public places but most of them never shows the guts to openly come out and fight against this menace. There is a wrong notion and stigma which is associated with society which stands as veil to curb their rights to fight for their cause. My observation& belief is that there is shouldn’t be any disparity of sexes and ideally both the sexes should be viewed & treated equally. The male sex always wants dislodge this idea and wants to perceive that women as secondary to them . The male community always wants over power this gender equality by making the women to think and believe that men are superior and authoritative in nature and so naturally they don’t have any choice but to obey the diktat of man , But most of the time more than lust it is over powering with out o and over power and maintain their authority is this which leads to such issues violence against women community


The every individual weather women or men should be allowed to live with self dignity and respect ,But most of time society and the people always treat the violence or sexual advance against women as something which happens because of the women and the whole world will treat this a mistake of women even if the culprit was man. So gradually this perception has gathered strength which gives the male group to have a freedom of abusing the women with bad remarks and forcing the female to engage in sex with out consent. The so called self proclaimed moral practitioners are calling shots openly but reality is that they are not practicing this in their personal lives or in their closed circles.


The well educated people who are donning various positions and several public figures , eminent lawyers , other professionals who are respected in the public domain became culprits of this act against women. They have used their positions to dilute the act and escaped scot free with out any actions .Every work place need to have a well calibrated policies and mechanism in place to address this issue. Most of times women who is the victim finds it difficult to fight ,because the mental agony and contradictory remarks and questions which gets asked during the course of investigation and ultimately due to inordinate delays in judgments force the women to withdraw the complaint becomes contend with what they have gone through . So When ever such incidences gets to the notice , immediate action and addressing the victim complaint is required.


The role of media in this issue is very critical , but most of the situations media use this incidences of violence against women as an issue to create maximum viewership and their by sensationalizing rather going for a critical evaluations .Most of the forums for women are not that strong to fight for their woman’s cause. Above all I believe with out having any change in the way male behaves treats their opposite sexes such incidences keep repeating , The basic mentality has to be changed more than pursuing one;s insticnt , they should learn and understand to respect others dignity.



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