Will it set a defining trend in Indian Polity?


Ratcheting Up the Sardar Vallabhai Patel debate , Modi has clearly indicated that BJP would like to project Mr Iron man of independent India as an alternative persona to India;s First prime minister Mr Nehru, I believe politicians as well as historians had kept the importance of MR Patel’s role in Nation Building second to Nehru, But reality shows a different aspect to this aberration,With out Mr Patel bold interventions and support to bring all princely states together , it would have been near impossible, such is the charisma and Boldness this gentle man had possessed,Mr Patel has several reservations on Nehru perceptions but he had never came out openly against Nehru and nor he criticized . He worked hand in hand with Nehru on various critical issues which affected our nations soon after we became independent. The national party Congress has conveniently kept down the importance of MR Patel and projected the Nehru’s dynasty as the only family which has the inherent and natural choice to run this nation. The people of nation should think especially youngsters and need to come out this cocooned shell other wise it will be the same old story all again. The very purpose of the congress’s formation pre independence was to secure freedom and but later when India became independent Nehru Became the natural choice to become first prime minister ….Baring critics nehru was a visionary leader and contributed nation’s progress in big way…..But It is not Nehru all alone he had very close associations with Mr Patel which catapulted and resolved the issues of at most prominence which led us a nation in this 21st century. The dynasty politics has corroded and stooped to such a very low level morale ground and congress has conveniently kept the baton with this family to lead this nation and we have reached to level of Rahul Gandhi to lead this nation , which I believe is going to be one such Indian Thamasha .if he gets elected as future PM of India…..His credentials are only few ie, is just being Young & Handsome , but never possess the vision and acumen to undertake the task in hand. This is going to be a momentous occasions in the history of Indian Polity which is going to re define the old conventions and thoughts .The role of regional formations are increasingly getting more and more prominent and they agendas are going to decide the fate of this nation. But One thing is for sure at least even in this last 10 years of congress regime we all had felt that there lies a vacum for a leader who is efficient& decisive unlike Mr Singh holding to his seat with complete inaction and inefficiency .The 2014 is going to be the year of unexpected turnarounds which is going to set the country forward………..





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