Sachin& Dravid , The Two Greats

The Game of cricket is so widely accepted and popular in India , every cricket lovers of our contemporary generations should be equally proud and Escatic to have born in the same era when this modern day greats have played and exhibited their true class in game of bat and ball. We have seen many other cricketers in the same or preceding generations who played this game and popularized it . But none of them could ever claim the spot what Little Master & Mr consistent currently occupies. So what makes them modern day greats , I believe it is very pertinent questions needs a comprehensive answer , For that if had analyzed their games since debut , it clearly shows from passionate youngsters to a very matured world recognized cricketers , One thing which is still as fresh as the days when they started playing with bat & ball their pursuit to learn and adapt to situations with same passion and enthusiasm is one of the most reflective quality I have seen in both of them. The versatile players of their caliber , one is regarded as the young curious kid & genius who is destined to make history but Dravid came to picture as a normal cricketer who is good in playing the game of cricket with unparalleled technique , But on other hand Sachin as a young cricketer was already having the tag of great cricketer in the making , so initial days onwards he has started feeling that pressure on his shoulders when ever he came to the crease ,even those days entire expectations of nations was on his shoulders and if he is there in the crease his fans will never lose faith , they are rest assured that he would take our nation home with a victory and if he gets out early cricket fans will stop seeing the match….If “Sachin is there we will win the match” people quipped , We can just imagine how long Sachin had shouldered the millions of people’s hope and every time when he walks in to the crease takes his guard we all wished him to hit a cracking century , But as individual sachin has proved many times with his batting talent and amazing skill in improvisation when ever runs are hard to come by…a ..real a thinking player .and several of his improvised shots are still a treat to watch when ever we see his old innings. Above all his way to greatness is marked with a character of true gentleman, amazing professionalism, keen listener , equally good learner , Eye for details & a person with the patience to spend time with others to horn their skills, and great mentor by all means and last but not the at least his incomparable records in both from of the game which is unmatched , What else would you require to make him walk in to the annals of history as a great  legendary player. Dravid on the other hand initially didn’t have the same pressure as Sachin had , his playing style was equally reminiscence of how a particular shot needs to played every thing was perfect , his head , angle of the bat and body posture and above all his oozing confidence in his face….In the initial periods we could hardly find any shots landing in the air every thing was ground strokes confidence personified, in the middle stage of his career he faced many criticism in the form of a player who is only fit for playing test  matches ,Media and experts was calling for a  change form one day squad .This man from south never reacted waited for the opportunities in his way and shown to the world how perfect he is at no 3 slot as a sheet anchor role who stabilized the innings after initial wickets were down and his long stay in the crease proved success while chasing many good scores , He built the innings and gave his partner the opportunity to play the natural shots , he even compromised his batting positions as per the demands of the team management and taken the mantle as a wicket keeper for some years. He always shown to the world above all it is team that matters and player needs to be flexible and adaptive based on situations , He rose the prominence as a great player with his sheer hard work and unmatched determination to be on the top of the game . So Both these greats are incomparable and has their own style , great ambassadors of the game and good human beings..So on any counts if you take they are the current greats who has played and stayed playing many number of innings which has won many laurels to our nation across the world , different playing conditions , tough oppositions , But one thing that kept them in high stead is their indomitable spirit and passion towards the game & gentleman behavior. A standing salute to you champions..


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