Onam A retreat for Kerala

The onam is the most celebrated & coveted festival for every malayalees world wide. It also marks the home coming of the virtuous king Mahabali to visit his parajas, ,Onam also assumes significance as festival of harvest, Onam is also reminiscent of our old glorious agrarian past and ,its non- sectarian outlook , Any how on one factor he would feel disappointed in spite of malayalees celebrating onam with Sumptuous feast , Impressing with new clothes and floral carpets , We are economically and socially superior than any other states in this country , but on one important aspect Mahabali would have been extremely disappointed to see that all the agricultural land are lying vacant with no cultivation , but we never missed out celebrating onam, the predicament of today’s Kerala is that even our state’s r flora & fauna are extremely suitable for paddy cultivation , we import vegetables , rice , flowers from our neighboring states, Mahabali’s legacy had taught us to become self sufficient in agriculture , ie is why month of chingam is so important to us. But today the situation of Malayalees is that we live at some body mercy every thing we have it today is produced in some other states, We had become a state which just thrives on NRI remittance. We need 40 lakes tonnes of rice our staple food to feed our population out of that we could hardly produce 7.7lakh tonnes , Our agricultural laborers have decreased in the state from 25.6% to 16.1% between the period of 1991 to 2001, then the present expected fall might have had hit the rock bottom, The fast growing high rise buildings and urban and semi urban town ships are increasingly gulping the agricultural wet lands and getting converted in to commercial properties . Once considered as a producing economy , now vastly becoming a consumer driven economy .If we continue to be like this in the next 10 years down the line our state would become a depleted state with no agricultural production , Just imagine what would be the price of a kilo of rice then .If the present trend continues like this Vamana even will not get one foot a territory to place his step , just imagine the predicament of poor Mahabali then ………..


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