Modi’s Elevation as PM candidate

It is now official that Mr Narendra Damodar Modi is the prime ministerial candidate for the BJP, The long awaited speculation is over and party had set the ball rolling and cleared the air that road from Gujarat to Delhi is neatly drawn,The patriarch Mr Advani’s reservation on this decisions has been ignored and party had unitedly taken a stand to rally behind Mr Modi’s candidature. The road to race course in Delhi is going to be a journey with full of stumbling blocks , Can Modi change the waves in his favor and march ahead to become the next Prime minister of this nation ,is something, which remains to be seen . One thing is for sure BJP has clearly drawn the battle lines by taking this measured step by leveraging first mover’s advantage in their favor. Can any one individual revive the fortunes of this nation? or do we need a collective leader ship style to govern this nation? Such questions are relevant , but several important issues like development , growth and corruption free governance is really going to be the few important issues which is going to be widely discussed and debated in the national arena. The present UPA dispensation has given us a terrible experience and has completely let us down in all facets. So generally considering the popular mood& sentiment of the people ,this nation requires change of guard at the center, which is what BJP is trying to capitalize through Modi. The Modi’s seamless posturing at various functions and speeches he delivered , where he had clearly given point by point rebuts and proved to the youngsters that he is the next generation decisive leader who is honest, strong in decision making and corruption free ,But Modi cannot be ruled out in any way in today’s national politics ,he has the skill to gauge the sentiments of the people and deliver promises which is really in sync with the expectations , he has always showcased the achievements of his state Gujarat , and promised to the people that he wishes to replicate the same model of development in the entire nation .The bogey of 2002 riots are still haunting Mr Modi .His detractors and enemies will view him through the prism of divisive non secular leader , who if comes to power will test the nations integrity and its secular fabric. Can Modi and his cadres bring much touted success to the BJP and its aspirations, Let the people of this nation decides when they goes to vote in the coming National election.


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