I would like to term death as an end of a journey after birth , It comes to our life as a surprise , never know when it is going to catch hold of you..But certainly for most of us consciously or unconsciously we don’t seems to agree or like this stage of a grinding halt, The wealth, health ,fame, dear and near ones would remain as material beings, which never gets attached to you the moment your strings get loosened up when you die. We feel like a busted balloon which looses its shape in the mid course of the journey , the shape ,color or size doesn’t matter , how ever rich or poor you are , the stage called death have no bias , it is universally true and similar for every living being in this planet.


The death can also be termed as a infinite reality or a liberating moment from every one’s materiel existence ,when we exist in this world we enjoy love and being loved , we quarrel, shout , cry s & laugh these are moments we encounter in our day to day life or in fact in our materiel existence .But stage called death is an eternal truth or a fate which is the culminating point of our journey which will grab you by surprise, how ever strong you are both mentally or physically your control to resist from being dying is zero. It comes in your life as stranger grabs you and takes you to the darkness , but that pitch black darkness is the ultimate truth or the wisdom.


Death is also a stage where you will loose your physical being and the spurious energy in you which drives the internal organs comes to halt . It also a stage where no strings are attached just a complete truth , or being more precise in the scientific terms release of energy in you , it can neither be created nor be destroyed , but still death is mystery, it is incomprehensible , cannot be defined , is this released energy gets in to another form or shape, It beyond our thoughts & imagination. It is all about the ultimate nature who is the creator& destroyer.


In the shakespear’s words life is stage where we all come and plays our roles and then leaves the scene weather you have played your assigned roles at various stages of one’s life ? It is relative question its prominence is relevant only when he or she is in their role and significance of that particular questions dies with that person .But to me mystery called death is an infinite one which cannot described in one simple word it means different to different people , But truth remains static , stable & permanent , but how realistic are we able to embrace the truth , determines how close are you to ultimate goal of self realization .My heart felt pranams to my father ……may his soul rest in peace.



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