Democracy is the better choice

Across the world in the 21st century we are going to witness a large- scale movements against the repressive regiments & rulers and people across the world have started to feel the importance to necessarily instill democratic form of governance. All those nations which has been ruled by monarchies and oligarchies who has dictated their terms to the masses has slowly started to disintegrate and the people of these nation’s have started raising organized protests against the autocratic form of leadership , The recent protests in Turkey,Libya& Egypt are true examples which clearly signifies a united call for change in the leadership styles and they have lost faith in the existing form of governance. The citizens of this nations certainly aspires to have a greater freedom to express their ideas , views and better quality of life more over a better say & representation on their nation’s affairs. The existing system of governance in many such nations certainly calls for sweeping changes and people have become increasingly conscious of their rights and want to break away from the imposed restrictions by the religious groups. 

The many of the Muslim ruled nations has adopted regressive approach by restricting their citizens from accessing educations and fatwa on social interactions and curbing their citizens to travel overseas for higher education and from experiencing new technologies. The present generations has started realizing that world around them is moving faster and quality of life has improved better than them .so In order to come out of their predicament they have to fight internally against the system and force the system to change for the better , this self- realization has certainly caught their imagination strongly and we could see many more organized struggles breaking out in many other nations where the governance has been strictly monopolized by a group of family or an autocratic leader passing the baton to his heir apparent and this legacy keeps on continuing unabated with out any change,any system for that matter cannot continue for a long time and certainly calls for change and when it comes to governance, people has started loosing their patience and they want better systems & institutions in place to deliver justice and equality to all.

In the light of these changes happening across many countries , people would like to see democratic institutions coming up and establishing their presence and also other than any other form governance democratic set up has the power and strength to withstand and survive to live to the expectation of the masses, by decentralization people will get the power and choice to elect the government, In a democratic system it gives the people the required space to raise their concerns effectively to discuss the problems they face. So democratic institutions are better equipped to cater to peoples’ aspiration and also the opportunity to take corrective actions at various intervals.


Even though democracy was the preferred choice for the past , present & future , certainly it has its pros and cons , but certainly it proves better than any other alternative .Ideally speaking democratic institutions represents bottom up approach where people gets the power and rights to take decisions and it gets represented in a multifaceted ways through the elected representatives nominated by the people. So system naturally gets derived out from needs & aspiration of the masses through various touch points in the interlinked chain to the top. The prevailing systems in Arab and other countries is that power rests at the top and what ever the rulers decides the people will be forced to follow and the role of religious heads in such formations to impose limitations and restrictions is very huge which leaves the people stranded and delineate them the space to oppose and take corrective actions.


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