The Business of Politics

In the run up to 2014 general elections every political formations has started to throw up issues which is based on polarizing the minorities,This is the major chunk on which every regional as well as national parties thrives. When  the election is around the corner this polity of minority bashing takes the center stage, How many of you want such politics to be played around?. I believe all our parties to be progressive in approach, thinking and as well as in action to discuss and deliberate on inclusive development of this nation . Historically if you take congress ,they had used this minority appeasement card effectively to come to power repeatedly , but over period of time regional political formations in north India has carefully nurtured and appeased the minorities which really alienated the congress from coming to power.

As we all know that as a nation we have traversed a journey of 60 years since independence, it is high time to think beyond the stereotyped communal politics for the sake of garnering the votes. So irrespective of ideology inclusive development of the nation and well set road map to the achieve the goals should be discussed in public ,rather than fighting to score brownie points over their political opponents using minority card to win the election. I know that such broad minded thinking and approach is going to be an Utopian dream and but ideally speaking above said agenda is the apt one on which every political party should seek their mandate in the elections. So as a citizens of this country we will be in a better position to judge & analyze what every party has in store for next 5 years . Here in most back ward states of this country election is won by distributing money and television sets not on the issues of primary health care , schools and nutritious food, once election is over many of the MLA or MPS who have won the elections not even shows the courtesy to visits their constituencies. The power mongering leaders once they come to power they use every machinery at their dispensation to favor the rich and corp orates by offering arable land & natural resources at throw away prices, It is not surprising fact that to be in the business of politics they require large funds , which they receive from the corporate in return to the favor they have offered . The result is that the 1% of the population is getting all favors at the cost of the poor and they are becoming more rich. This is worrying trend which we have been witnessing since time immemorial. The lacunae in implementation is another gray area which has not shown any significant progress, the politician and bureaucratic nexus always plays the spoilsport in not reaching the welfare measures to the targeted beneficiaries. The failure of the administration to check the gaps and not taking corrective measures had always led the benefits to ooze out in between, The govt is speaking high about food security bill and but the stark contrast to it we are seeing tones of grains are getting wasted with out making any efforts for a safe storage . I just want to borrow the slogan of BJP “Development to all appeasement to none”if they really shows the acumen to do it then it would be great for this nation as whole.


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