Nature’s Wrath Over Human Being’s Greed

The faces and expressions of those people who have escaped from the nature’s fury in Uttarakhand seems to show a grim reminder & how enormous was the tragedy,the mental agony of the stranded victims with out no food & relief measures .Many of the victims who have narrowly escaped from the fury might have felt how close the fear of death has touched and invoked them. My heartfelt Condolences to all those who have lost their lives. 

Every thing in this universe exist on certain balance and every living being thrives on the natures life support system and if humans beings thinks that they are more smart and intelligent to go beyond the limit and starts exploiting the natures balance with an eye of commercial interest such predicaments keeps on repeating where many innocent lives would become the victims of nature;s ire. The creator of this Brahman will have no mercy he keeps sending such messages to mankind that there is enough for living beings need but not for their greed. Among his creation we are the Most intelligent species and quite naturally we are the most greedy. The greediness causes subversion of the ecological balance and so it quite imminent that nature has to take its course of action to again tilt the balance in its favor,But we will never realize and we keep pushing the nature to its limit,Every action has equal and opposite reactions and it universal truth which mankind has discovered and our Rishies who were on the path of meditation has come to realist ion of this eternal truth.

We have the acumen to realize things and the strength to guard the nature but why are we staying away from the responsibility?The human race has survived generations after generations and grew stronger ache ivied in leaps & bounds in all facets. history which we are all proud of .The evolution of human race has happened because we are the more fittest creature who has survived during the evolution of living being . we have evolved stronger generations after generations and settled and started cultivation and build dams and created cultures of their own for the next generations to learn follow , for all this time nature was so gracious to support and help us evolve and we are also equally strong shown the intelligence to fight all odds and came cropper. We all know how our primitive generations lived happily in sync with nature and we have evolved became so modern with all the arms& ammunition’s we have became greedy and careless and treating the nature with disrespect and take more than what we want and never bothered to give it back what nature wants. We Indians our sindhu civilization our fundamental culture defines to respect nature as God and how to live in peace full coexistence with nature we remembers with reverence and chanting slokams for Sun ,Water, Vayu, to have graciousness to deliver the essentials continuously for our survival ,But when wealth creation has taken precedence over all these the basic ethos & values gets derailed. We have gone massively to encroach forest lands and built dams every where moved closely to the river bed ,setting concrete structures for profiteering , In the pursuit to all material gratification we forget the basics,even Shiva The God of All creations cannot help us. So This inevitable results will keep happening if we all don’t realize inevitable



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