Relevance of Reservation & Development in the Indian context


The largest democracy with sixty years of existence and it has delivered more good than the bad to the India’s social economic space. We as a nation has changed considerably well ever since and we have a striving multiparty democracy cutting across different demography and linguistic barriers. But having said all these things the perception on reservation in the Indian context has never changed or any political orientation had never shown the willingness to the have a paradigm shift in the way they view things on this front. It is well known that granting reservation after independence which is a century back owes significance considering the prevalent situation persisted at that point of time,the objective is to improve the social& economic condition of marginalized community which comprises of schedule cast and tribes and the minority which was well described by the govt., the point well taken. As times had passed and context got changed the” reservation” is still very hotly debated and pondered by the politicians and they always keep this issue close to their heart to woe and cajole the minorities & marginalized to create vote bank politics.




The point of contention here at this juncture is Do we continued to have the present form of reservation? Or can we think of having new form of reservation purely on living conditions and also based on people’s financial backwardness. I believe in several parts of India the untouchability and deepening social crises prevails, still the present system of reservation couldn’t bring such a sweeping changes in this space. Certainly in the so called modern era it is shameful and frustrating to see that such malaise still persists across several parts of country. On other hand the government and society cannot turn their back to burgeoning unrest which is creeping in to the people’s mind cutting across cast & creed. So the importance of financial reservation based on the individual incomes and living conditions is the need of the hour. I believe no other political party other than BJP has declared to implement financial reservation if they are voted to power. The minority appeasement is always been the agenda followed by all left and right wing parties, but nobody want to loose the advantage of garnering votes from the minorities in the name of reservation.




The most prominent issue here is that we are second populated & a complex nation with majority community spread across the length & Breadth , minorities is also having prominent presence in all major parts of the nation but if the govt keep pursuing the present form of reservation with out taking in to account the changing situation, this ever deepening crisis would turn out to be more vulnerable one and which will even push the nations sovereignty in to its brink. The demand for special status , plea for the formation of separate state ,naxalism and so on &so forth are only a hard pointers towards this issue. The incumbent govt never tried nor put any effort so far to resolve it and the issues in north eastern states are perennial one and more over influence of China’s in our boundaries is well known fact which prompts them to carry out incursions in to our territory . The most striking one is the growing clout of regional political parties and their growing presence in Indian political landscape . When we speak about nationalism we also need to ensure that such social issues of greater importance needs to be taken care in a time bound manner and if requires a proper revisit should be done and legislative changes are made to protect the interest of minorities as well majorities.




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