The GDP statics and inflationary figures are not the only indicator by which India’s growth story could be judged. The most often used terms of economic indicators by the experts and medias always fall short in assessing the real situation our country is undergoing . So Instead of just giving too much importance to GDP & Inflation figures it is always better to have an eye on the other dismally worrying statics like hunger index and malnutrition rate which we as nation languishing at the top among the nations with higher number of malnourished and higher percentage of people who dies of hunger .As per the Global hunger index India is ranked no 15th and most of the nations in the index which is above India is undergoing severe crisis like civil wars ,military coups and terrorism. But being the largest democratic country with a elected govt at the center ,such worrying statics throws a bigger question to all of us ,Is India growth trajectory in the right direction?.We seems to be boasting that India has the largest number of young population with ever improving consumption driven economy ,but on the other hand we need to consider and ponder how our country can allow to have maximum number of malnourished children in the world?. So if we starts referring to the inclusive growth then as a nation we have a very long way to go by addressing & fulfilling the basic and rudimentary necessities for the existence of human beings. 

So as per the economic growth rate of 2011-12 fiscal it stood around 6.5% which has gone up when compared to the previous years and but is the inclusive growth really happening across the country and if so , is the growth really not percolating down to bottom of the pyramid and I may doubt so. The basic social infrastructure has not grown considerably well and quality of life of the common people is still lumbering with out basic education , health care & sanitation. All major political parties cutting across the party lines woe the mass population to vote by declaring populist measures and once they get in to power the situation turns out to be favoring rich and elite class. The nations over all growth lies in a balanced approach and more focused effort to improve the condition of the common man there by making them enjoy the benefits of growth .The role and influence of the international rating agencies like S&P and Moody’ who comes with ratings frequently shouldn’t not any way influence our policy making decisions we as a country need to invest heavily in social as well as physical infrastructure , the state and central govt should coordinate and support each other in getting the money utilized properly and see to that bureaucratic bottlenecks cleared. So our realistic long term objective is to achieve equitable distribution of income to all sections of the society .






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