A Journey to Rameswaram&Dhanushkodi

A Journey to Rameswaram situated in the southern sea-side is one among the most popular temple across the world and the significance owes to the presence of jyothir linga which is one among the 12 lingas found world-wide.  Lord Rama arrived Rameswaram  before crossing to Lanka where he had waged a war against Ravana to set Sitha Devi free from the clutches of Ravana. The temple is such a magnificent structure which was built on sand and once we entered the temple we could feel that from outside it looks comparatively small but while we are inside we felt the it was large and the scriptures and beautiful stone carvings of elephant were seen. As per the Puranam of Rameswaram jyothir linga goes ,Rama a great Shiva devotee sang songs in praise of lord shiva , which pleased Shiva and lord immediately appeared and asked Ram that he could ask for any boons ,but Rama told if you want to grant me any wishes please stay in this earth and make this place sacred which Lord Shiva granted by saying “evamsatu”.The architecture of the temple is in triangle shape, but inside it is expensively large and contains 24 holy water sources and out of that at present  only 8 sources exists which has water and it is considered to be scared to have snanam from this holy water sources and we felt  the taste of water differs from each sources ,The visit to every deities  inside the sanctum santoram was special and given us a sense of calmness and happiness in the mind. The positioning and placement of deities inside the temple had a very clear and strong underlying faith which dates back to centuries. when ever we visits such sacred places ,it is necessary and equally important to learn and understand the spiritual and mythological importance of the temples so that we can relate while paying obeisance to deities .The floating stone or lime stone surprised all of us and also aroused our curiosity to find the science behind it  . But in  Puranas it was clearly mentioned how Lord  Rama and his army built the bridge using this floating stone to reach Lanka. Certainly it was clear that mythology and science could never go hand in hand and but surprised every one that how  this type of stone is found  only in this part of the world? There  is certainly a power which is all prevailing and every thing in this world has  a purpose linked to it. we also visited various significant places in the vicinity which had  a lot of importance during time of Lord Rama.

The travel through the Pamban  Bridge which was constructed across the sea is equally reverberating and mind-boggling which connects Ramaeswaram and Dhanushkodi to the main land we didn’t miss the opportunity to visit Dhanuskodi which is 18km from rameswaram the southern most point which is closest to Srilanka and the place is also known as Ghost city which was once a buzzing city , but in 1964 a powerful cyclone washed away the city and nearly converted the city in to barren piece of land and we could find only few remains of a broken church & remains old settlements here and there. The most prominent site is Ramsethu a bridge which was built entirely with limestone by Lord Ram in quest to reach Lanka. The Travel to this piece of land is never easy ordinary vehicles are not fit enough to traverse the sand ,So we need to arranged  a specialized jeep which are readily available and driver of the vehicle  was driving through the sand with enough precision and skill and which reminded us as he was an expert mud racer who shifts the gears very often and the jeeps regains it power forward when ever it got struck in the sand. He has taken us to last point where land ends and after that we can only see infinite sea in its true splendor and bluish color .We  spend some  useful time there by watching and taking some snaps in different poses and you also get a feel  that nature’s creativity and its fury an amazing stuff ,The jeep’s driver kept calling and reminded us the fact that if you stay more it won’t be easy for us to return back as times goes by the water keeps closing in to the land and we would lose  access to the main land .So we all got in to the jeep traveled back ,but we never missed the opportunity to have fun-filled moments and also time for some serious thoughts. On the journey back to home we went to villundi Theertham a revered place for us to see the artesian well which was created by Lord Ram to offer drinking water to Sita while returning back victoriously from Lanka .The Journey of 700kms back&forth was very refreshing and interesting one and let me thank MR Sujith ,Rajesh&Rejish for making the journey memorable one and I felt that other than me all of them were experts in photography and they even  ventured in to the  idea of  capturing the sea when night was slowly taking control and they used the car’s headlight to create enough light to take few snaps of the sea.I felt and understood that photography is an art which requires imagination and creativity.


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