Empowering the Society&speedy justice to the victims is the need of the hour

The incidents of rape&molestation of women became a usual affair and many major metropolitan cities have increasingly becoming a nightmare for the common people.All these incidents are clearly shows that our society is becoming highly intolerant and inhumane towards our fellow beings and still many of them are voicing that women empowerment is going to happen soon ,but the society at large has not changed their approach and attitude towards women . Still fellow male dominated society is considering women as inferior to them and  treats  with disrespect and viewed them with lust and considered women as material to have sex and not as human being until and unless if that thinking is their in the public domain this kind of cruel acts keep happening. As many would be fighting for a very strong punishment to the culprits and seeking strong laws in place against such acts and speedy justice.Yes we need such strong system and legal framework but over and above if we don’t change the attitude and approach of the society and I don’t think we could find permanent solution to this problem,The such incidents clearly indicates perverted nature of people towards their fellow beings of opposite sex and many cases of child rape and molestation goes unreported across the country and most of the occasions, child abuse by her bother ,father or uncle .So you can just imagine what would be the approach of people when they find a women alone in bus.The instead of empowering women ,we should focus on empowering the society as whole and make them understand women as equal to male and their privacy and dignity in public life is also very important and they have to learn to respect women .These basic qualities has to come naturally in the minds of every person and there might be other valid social reasons which might also being underlying reasons for such repeated reasons behind attacks against the women.So instead of voicing for death penalty for the culprit and we need to find what is going wrong in the minds of people and need to take measures to improve the status of common women population of this country.We need to have fast track court for speedy justice and culprits should brought to book very fast and offered harsh punishment and more vigilance and use of technology to prevent such incidents.But over all the change has to happen from the society.


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