BJP the party with a difference is now in state of complete disarray not knowing what to do and how to do and where to head ,differences inside the party is now very much public every leader had started showing the guts to outsmart the party’s diktat ,which itself is clearly a sign of sinking ship and the chances for the party to stay afloat in national politics is going to be a distant dream and the prospects of BJP forming another govt at the center is not even their in the wildest dream of the party and its members. The present UPA govt has given issues on a platter to the opposition and it is true they didn’t take any advantage out of it, But for the party it is better opportunity to regroup and fight and leaders have squandered the opportunity to play the role of a critical opposition. The internal power struggle among the new generation leaders is a case in point which is really going against the party image and every one inside the party is fighting to each other to show the supremacy by abstaining from party meeting or resisting the central leadership by showing the strength by parading the party legislators and pursuing the leadership to change chief minister so often like changing clothes. The approach & act of certain leaders is like making mockery of the mandate given by the people to be in governance and do something better for the people. The disintegration of BJP as national party is really going to create a lot of imbalances in the corridor of power at center.. The importance of having an alternative force to congress in the national scene is very significant for the country or else every regional parties will hijack and destabilize the nation’s interest as a whole. The party came to limelight and shown its presence in the national arena with help of advani’s powerful organizational skills and vajpayee’s charisma as a liberal face of the party to the outside. The current new generation leaders are now were near to old mentors,Advani is fighting a already lost battle to reinvent his position and vajpayee had taken political exile ,clearly the party with difference is finding it hard to sort out its own indifference.

As per the expert opinions of various political analyst goes the BJP is facing an ideological bankruptcy and but I still believe the party has a chance& scope to revive if they project the hindutva ideology in its true form and spirit when all other so called secular practitioners playing the game of minority appeasement and vote bank politics and leaving the majority population for granted, but for things to happen and there by reviving the fortunes of the party, inner party discipline is very important and more over they need to sweat hard to revive the party right from the grass root level to the top. They have to formulate various struggles and kick of wide spread national debate on the situation of governance and the various policy decisions by the UPA government. In the eyes of a common man it is very evident BJP role as an opposition in the both houses of parliament is very limited and they never cared to oppose to debate on various decisions taken by the government. The race for first citizen of India itself is a notable point where BJP and allies found it hard to come to an unanimous decision on the selection of candidate and by the time they came to a conclusion ,ruling party’s effective campaigning has created enough support among the electoral college and Pranab Mukerjee had won the race conclusively. The objective & purpose of every political institution is for the betterment of the society and the very existence of the party lies in its ideology and ideology is fundamental benchmark based on which decisions are made and policies are rolled out. The BJP is clearly at loggerheads and the future of the party is not clear.


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