Dravid’s graceful exit

The great wall of Indian batting line up who donned the No3 slot has finally decided to hang up his boots after serving the nation for the last sixteen years. The outstanding service is of this gentleman was powered by his graceful elegance and solid copybook style technique which had helped India in many occasions to script some of the very famous victories both in India and overseas. The game most admired ambassador who has shown the guts and composure to bat against some of the most admired pace bowlers in the tiring and challenging tracks in the overseas. The sliver lining of his approach in every game was his composure with focus and hard work to be at his supreme best and also shown his quality as an outstanding team player shouldering responsibites when ever the situations demanded. The records and achievements speaks for itself in the both form of the games. Only dravid can replace dravid’s elegance at the no 3 position which is unmatched and beyond limits. The way in which he conducted himself both inside and outside of the game is simply outstanding ,when every action in the game has reactions both from media and public dravid never succumbed to any such whims and fancies he kept his cool and serviced the game with his unmatched dedication. He always allowed his bat to do the talking and kept himself eluded from any unwanted controversies. The nation and our cricket fraternity is fortunate to have his service and got the opportunity to watch the legend in action ,we all cricket fans should acknowledge that we are fortunate to born in the era of dravid .His era of cricket has produced a lot of changes in the form more innovations in technique and scoring huge runs in the limited over game where we can see batsman adopt lot of improvisations. Cricketing in India has rose to the level of money and fame and every actions and words of the cricketer is viewed and watched by media ,experts are more often becomes critics and the game is in such a limelight like Bollywood stars. We all have a case to learn from the books of dravid he managed every thing well as a cool customer by focusing every bit on his cricket and shots…..Great job done and every innings you have scripted in the history books will remain forever.


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