Resurgent India & The Reality

The resurgent India has added another honor its name by conducting formula one race,the world’s most expensive sporting event and has joined the league of nations to have a racing track at budh international circuit in the outskirts of greater noida, Indeed the event is considered as one among rare honor which is widely acclaimed by media and fans across the world ,congrats to the elite and rich Indians in the likes of Mallayas and Saharas joining hands and making the event fruitful. The other side of India shows the grim reality as developing nation full of corruption and farmer’s suicide ,The farm land acquired for constructing the race track and compensation which they received in return might be an issue of wide scale controversy, do we really require such an event to take place to capture the imagination of the world and or do we seriously need to ponder and solve the issue of farmer’s suicide and widening gap between rich and poor .The stark contrast of reality the minimum price for ticket in F1 race is more than ten thousand and to design and built a race car is something beyond the imagination of a common man and the recent controversy associated to identify people below and above poverty line is just 26 to 35 Rs and government is even is thinking of giving tax exemptions and rebates for F-1 race.,the divergent India’s imagination and planning, and it is just another event for rich and famous to spend millions and millions of money to satisfy their interest and hobbies,just imagine the fate of Indian hockey and many other sports which is reeling under the carpet because lack of funding and support,we have success fully conducted the common wealth games and organizers and the present Govt has made the nation proud by looting and indulged in wide scale corruption…The Indian growth story has many faces and it is very sad and gloomy. I would like to believe with optimism and don’t want to be sarcastic , but still we have a very long way to go as a nation and need to invest more time and money to improve the situation, following the path of rich nations to become famous by giving importance to the whims and fancies of few elite rich industrialist is a very sorry state of affairs. As an Indian and being part of a growing nation a lot has changed ever since independence and but a very radical change is required both in the planning stage and implementation and which is very essential for the future success of our nation

The polity of India is immersed in corruption of favoring few rich and elite class and politicians are busy finding ways to become wealthier under the pretext of ruling the nation,take for instance the biggest corruption on spectrum allocation unfortunately it is the biggest scandal in terms of lose in revenue to the exchequer in the history of India ,which if they have had managed it properly with transparency it would have created ample revenue to feed the poor and to improve the roads connecting different part of the nations,The govt has lost the accountability and responsibility to rule the nation and dented the confidence of millions of electorates who have voted them to power. The movements like Anna finds significance at this juncture and existing rights like right to information act should be utilized by every citizen of this nation. The development and progress of a nation is something inclusive and if the majority of the population are not properly benefited then it is going to be tough and sensitive in the years to come,the basic fundamentals should be made stronger like sustainable job creation in all sectors and improving the fragmented development of infrastructure, basic health care& education . The time has come for the youngsters to come forward and fight for a common cause and we have the resource and skill to be the top and it does matter how efficiently we are using it and take our important neighbour china they are far ahead of us in terms of development and progress and they also have similar issues of large scale population and inflationary pressures and but I believe they managed it properly and becoming the largest exporter of goods and services to outside world,now the currency of china is considered as the prominent replacement of dollar in the days to come.


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