Cricket &Diplomacy

The cricket is always been the most exciting and much talked sports in both India and Pakistan and when both the countries locks it horns in a cricket field the tension and anxiety is beyond imagination. The cricket diplomacy is now days a much discussed and debated move from both the countries and sports like cricket is always considered the best route through which both countries can engage freely which finally paves the way for a smooth diplomatic talks. The 2011 world cup semifinal is one such occasion to reaffirm the importance and seriousness of the ruptured relationship between both countries,but I personally feel that sports and diplomacy should be treated separately and unwanted hype and stress created by the media will not create good precedent for smooth talks between both countries. The semifinal clash created an opportunity for cricket fans to cross the border and come to India for watching the match and invitation by Indian prime minister to his Pakistan counter part is another occasion where cricket diplomacy is being used .The encounter between both the countries on field was equally nerve wrecking and with lot of excitement and passion in the air, so in line with the expectation India started batting first and as usual shewag has given India a rollicking start and perished
soon after hitting some boundaries and then little master came to the crease and played a decent knock in the middle even though sachin’s knock was supported by few lucky misses and close calls and in the the end with his support India could manage to post a decent total , but the chances for the opponent to achieve the target is not that hard and had they played the game with little bit more aggression and planning probably Pakistan had very easy match in their hands ,but the team lead by afridi failed to capture the occasion .the disciplined approach both in bowling and fielding by India was another facet which proved to pakistan that the chase was not enough to beat India. The most unexpected memories in this world cup was the exciting display of talent and self belief put by new countries or the minnows in world criccket. and unexpected victories against strong teams by chasing huge targets. The final match between two teams India & Srilanka both from the subcontinent will be an exciting match to watch and both the team looks equally strong and Sri lanka has a slight upper hand over us but nothing can be predicted and it all finally boils down to the result and the team who plays the better overall game on a given day will come victorious and but when I write this with true sportsmanship and I should also admit from the heart that our nation and our people would be the most happier on when team India grabs the world cup and places their kisses o n the cup.Jai bharath………..Jai bharath……….


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