Corruption the biggest menace

As a nation and being a citizen of India each one of us should be proud that we represents the largest democratic country in the world .The irony is that we are indeed fortunate to see how our country and its government is coming out with long list of corruption starting from adarsh to common wealth and then to 2G spectrum,indeed we should appreciate our politicians and the govt whom we have voted to power functions to loot the money instead of serve the nation . The crusade against corruption by Anna hazare is just a small step towards the right direction but the the reality is that corruption has became a biggest malaise and rampant running from the panchayath level to the top echelons of the government and bureaucracy , this practice of bribing and influencing the politicians and officials by means of money is a commonly known and practiced in the independent India. Now the recent scams of this large enormity involving large sum of money could have benefited the country in various ways ,got siphoned in to the hands of greedy politicians and corporates who wishes to pursue their interest to make maximum profit. when we discuss and talk about the need for basic education and healthcare to common people and when such corrupt practices happens the revenue which otherwise must have come to the exchequer goes to the hand s of looters and in the end the sufferers always will be the common people and the public. The citizens of India should come forward and support the initiative taken by hazare to fast till death , such actions and resentments should happens across all parts of the country with out disrupting the peace of the nation. The other important aspect which otherwise got noticed if people like Arundhi roy or Binayak sen who openly supports the act naxalism or armed struggles would sometimes prove correct or legitimate. So we cannot imagine a developed economy until and unless we unitedly stops corruption and for that each citizen of this country should take a pledge not to bribe or accept bribe in any form and if it becomes reality from the grassroots level we could see a resurgent India getting stronger day by day other wise our country will be always in the back foot when others nations marches ahead .The very simple example during the time of colonialism the British had looted very precious resources of this country and made us bankrupt one other hand if were rich in resources we would have become one of the strongest and diversified economy in the world.


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