The archipelago was a result of extensive volcanic eruption dated centuries back . The land surrounded by Indian Ocean is surely a fabulous location to visit and enjoy. The people , culture and language has wide variety of influence from French and British ,to all of us surprise you cannot deny the influence of Indian and its culture and to even that extend highest office is held by man who was an Indian origin’s.We felt the three days was not enough explore the country and the element of serendipity was not there. The majority of the members were keralites and each one of them was matured and knows how to make such journey wonderful and lively. The best part of the journey was stay at le merdian we tend to appreciate the location of the stay just because the hotel was just placed close to the sea, you cannot have any other better location than the one to enjoy the stay. The beaches around was heavily filled with tourists and lot activities like gliding, swimming and surfing is a regular affair. The first major visit was to a jail built by British which is a nice architectural marvel and which was built on several heights above the sea level .The greatest colonizers of the world will be remembered because they have built several such struchers across the world. The commerce is another aspect which is very much important for every country and to my surprise even in side the jail structure we could find authorized shops to sells diamonds & jewelery.The country like Mauritius which is very small and less populated is managed very well with good focus on tourism. We could find extensive sugar cane field on both sides of the road while traveling. The country is a favorite spot for a vacation because the climate is good and pretty balanced and city was not having the pace as the usual one and has several locations to sit and enjoy with much of a difference, if you visit major cities across the world. we could find the bustling traffic but here the people and vehicles are moving slowly and life here has not gained the pace as in Mumbai or any other major cities across the world. The beaches are the major attraction here and you could sense the beautiful appearance of green water in the background of the sunlight adds more joy to your heart and soul. I should just say most of the members in the group were so unanimous of the opinion to start every day with brandy or rum and we maintained the consistency through the three day, so what ever we have seen and enjoyed was real with out any pretension. we experienced some good music and different dance forms in the night at the hotel and it was another experience which so common among us or any other individual for that matter. I just started imagining how the brand coca cola came handy as good mixture for the rum and the guys who have ruled the limelight was Maxy,Amith,Joy ,Easwer ,Bejoy&jebby .the visit to the small island was other attraction which no one would argue and hour long dip in the sea water with each of one playing with their collogues was a treat to watch and experience. During the visit to several places as per itinerary we could ‘nt forget the role of our guide and also we never missed the opportunity to make fun of her as a true Malyalies. I felt that she never had experienced such guys in her life time always poking at her and never bother to listens what she wants to say. The objective to enjoy each and every moment of the travel was there in every one’s mind. I should say starting a day with a peg or two was more relieving than a coffee and personally enjoyed such moments and no professional target commitments or a big day drive just to feel ourselves how better we can drive ourselves by immersing in good pleasant thoughts. So such visits gives moments to cheer and create the confidence to take the challenges head on and also gives personal gratification for a better tomorrow.


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