While I was going through one of the mainstream periodicals I happened to find one book written about personalities who has made great come backs in their life. So I started thinking about the kind of character and inner strength which they all have possessed to regain their old glory. It is really tough to come back after falling from top but in the case of people becomes rags to riches is something not so complex and difficult when compared to the earlier one. But think of a person who is enjoying peak of his life both professionally and personally and suddenly he falls from grace, I just started imagining how much pain he took to reach their but one unfortunate situation or scenario could turn the situation upside down. But if we just think of few personalities who has scripted incredible come backs in their respective fields after dominating for years. We need to really salute them and learn from them how they tackled such bad situation in their life and come back after fighting against the odds and see success. The attitude and will of the mind is tested to the core every time and there is always a negative thoughts in your mind which would occasionally pulls you down , but such personalities who has fallen from being in the top to no where takes big and bold mind and to recapture the old glory. It is not easy as we all think and it takes great focus and adopting lateral thinking to fight against competition and reaching there. In sports, corporate life and entertainment we have few such incredible human beings who have made such superb come backs fighting very heavy odds and ultimately seeing success as what they used to enjoy. One fine morning if you find that what ever you have achieved in life is not their and you been pushed to the brink to fight hard to regain it, situation is always not easy to handle and your mind and body is not even prepared to adopt to such unexpected situations, such things happens in everyone’s’ life and most of the occasions we fight hard and if we don’t see immediate results we tend to loose the momentum gain loosing the advantage we initially had. But such personalities fought unrellently with out compromise and one by one they destroyed the impediments one their way to success.


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