Little master is the champion player of this century and living legend and he certainly goes on to prove that by sheer quality and incredible talent he is going to be the player where records are following him rather than he follows the record .The double hundred against South Africa was one such feat which shows the greatness of this player, a standing ovation to the master blaster. When he started playing for our nation at the age of sixteen no body had imagined that this young fellow would recreate a history in the game of cricket and his quality and grace stood with the time and in the process he has influenced a all the youngsters and fans.
Twenty years of his illustrious career and the incredible list of achievements are fully marked with his generous approach which he carefully nurtured and managed. I think in the history of the game we could never find a player who is gentle man to the core and even to some occasions on the field he never raised any sort of verbal reactions against the officials and politicians. He always believed that his job is to play for the nation and he is doing the job with excellence. The twenty years of cricket both one day and test marches never exhausted his desire and love for the game and he stills looks like an wonderful kid with the bat . He handled his success and fame with excellent balance like the way or the manner in which he executes his graceful cover drives and crafty on drives. I still remember the days when modern day experts of the game criticizing sachin for not retiring from the game and blocking the way for youngsters. So master blaster did the usual way letting his bat do the talking and he has convinced the critics that he still has a lot more to offer .

The Another quality of this player is to adapt to the conditions and situations and raising his performance metrics according to the requirements ,which he has wonderfully done well over the years and shown to the youngsters how to handle success and failure and to hit back with confidence and talent. So sachin’s persona is going to be ever green and ever lasting in the annals of cricket history. Every bowler who bowls at him treat him with respect because this gentleman has created a lot of moments to the cricket fans to cheer and hold their breath while stroking with the bat. His wonderful straight drives and beautiful cover drives and timely pull shots are treat to watch and his timing with shots are like icing on the cake . It always the dream of every cricket fans to watch Sachin through out the game and when he is in his true elements every one will glue their eyes on the television to relish the shots he makes. Inspiring sports personality and nice human being who has kept the nation proud with his achievements and feats..


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