#3 idiots…..

The response towards the movie 3 idiots is absolutely fantastic and I don’t consider myself as very good film critic but movie certainly deserves a large round of applauds ,especially to the actors and the director. Those who have watched the movie once will always have good comment s to pass . The three hour time frame was very well poised to give good entertainment to movie goers. and those who usually watches movies selectively would never regret that their choice was wrong.

The three actors did their role perfectly well with the support of Boman irani who has played the role of college principal. The first half and second half of the movie was never created any sort of boredom to the viewers and each and every scenes in the movie were quite good and suited to the occasion. The roles performed by the three lead actors was reminiscent of the college days which we all have went through .The students from different family backgrounds and cultures studying together in a college and few them becomes good friends and they together r involves in doing a lot of mischievous things and some times bunking the class room sessions and enjoyed being together. But the movie certainly delivers a strong message against the ongoing education system currently prevailing in India. The Amir khan looks truly a college going student who has very strong conviction and when ever he gets the opportunity he conveyed a strong message .The movie was equally good and has enough occasions to share many lighter moments .The movie clearly shows substantial similarity with the characters from the book “five point some one “written by Chetan Bagath, but certainly large credit should go to the actors and director to make the movie something special. The message conveyed through the movie was something contemporary which every students faces in his or her life and movie could clearly highlight the prevailing lacunae in Indian education system. The pressure of choosing once career should independently left to the students and parents need to help their son and daughters to find a suitable career in which he or she fits well. But most of the time the opposite happens and it is the parents who decides ,which stream the students should opt and least bothered about the individuals personal taste and preference. The movie is blessed with several lingering scenes which would be their in our mind to make us laugh. The movie can be termed as good family entertainer and certainly makes ours time and money equally worthy. ALL IS WELL……

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