A Visit to Kolloor Mookambika Temple

The visit to mookambika temple with my friends was indeed an experince worth emulating in the coming years.The long drive from trivandrum to mookambika has given a lot of moments to cheer and all along some nice conversations and jokes really made the travel more energetic and useful. The travel really taken us from south kerala to almost all parts of north kerala.In the intial day we taken a halt in kozhikode after having enough rest through out in the night and morning we had very refreshing break fast and started again covered kanoor and reached kasargod where we halted for the afternoon lunch and again continued the journey crossed the kerala border and by evening we have reached mangalore town and need to traverse another 60 kms to reach mookambika.but the road was very bad and driving became and arduous task so it took more time than usual to reach the location.The interesting part of the travel happened when we missed the right path and started traveling to the GOA route and to block the vision heavy rain made the driving more hard.So we have decided to take the help of localite and asked the route to the temple and he told we were already 30 kms away from the right path so he asked to take short cut which will take you through the right path. so we were driving through the short cut and the roads were very narrow and curvy since downpour was the same and looking around you cannot find a single house in between for us to clarify the route and we kept going straight and with out taking any turns and finally we found a mile stone where the direction towards to temple was clearly mentioned and we all got relieved that so far the path we have taken was right.As we traveled we realized that the destination is getting closer and finally we have reached there.we have a found a suitable location for our stay and took very good bath and had our dinner and still in the outside it was raining non stop.Early morning 5.30 am we all got up and got refreshed our selves and taken first darshan to the deity and crowds were enough and need to maintain the Que was necessary and finally we had very satisfying darshan and then the time was around 7 am and our next location is to visit the sarvanjapeedam another scared place to be visited when ever we visit mookambika.The place was some 40 kms from the temple we have hired a jeep and no other vehicles other than the jeep are equipped to travel such a terrain with no roads only with rocky terrain in store for us.we all got in to the jeep and he was such an experienced driver he took us through slanting terrain and at some point of time we even thought that it is difficult to move ahead very minute by minute we are positioning ourselves from the sea level and we have reached the location where a small temple is there which is centuries old and still the rain did not stop and climate is cold to with stand after having darshan over their we embarked on 15 minutes walk over the mountain to reach sarvanjapeedam the place where shri sankracharya reached ultimate pinnacle of knowledge and reached salvation. Still the rain never stops raining………..


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