Indian Team Defenseless after the loss

The most probable contender for this years T20 world cup was India as per the predictions by cricket pundits, but everything is thrown out of air after facing an exit from the Twenty world cup contest. The most well balanced Indian team is considered as the hot team to grab the championship current year .,but ended in absolute despair for the entire Indian cricket fans. The media always goes onslaught when Indian team fails and praises them when team wins, this is been happening from quite a while now. The mistake lies in the part of media also for creating more controversies by spotting the rift between captain and vice captain ,but the team as such performed miserably through out the tournament and the team’s strategy for the matches was completely out of focus and decisions to change the batting order really affected the team balance and promoting players like Jadeja in the middle orders really affected the team chances. The media created much furore and Dhoni openly challenging the media The body language of the entire Indian team was a really shadow of its former self. This shows how badly the Indian team has prepared for such contest ,most of the players for that matter has put in real hard work and performance when they were fighting in IPL. This opens up many questions like are the players playing for money and fame alone or do they have real responsibility to show their talent when they represents the nation.

The Indian team is always like a team who has the talent to outperform any team in the world cricket and we have good bunch of bowlers and batsman , but the role of captain is to motivate and make them play as team and for that he needs to show his leader ship skills and identify the potential of each players and use them properly. But I believe Dhoni lacks that quality leadership shown by the likes of Imran khan ,Stevewaugh and Ganguly. The other statement made by Indian coach Gary Kristen is also valid and hold significant importance rather than cornering its as one off statements. The BCCI importance and role has to be utilized properly suppose if u take IPL many of the players in the Indian team has played cricket in IPL franchise and most of them played very well to get berth in the current team., but the point to note is that most them couldn’t adjust to play as a team and which team like south Africa , west Indies and Srilanka could do it very well. The back to back matched in England also could have made the players tiresome . so the point I would like to make is the role of BCCI is very important and scheduling IPL matches before such important tournaments should have avoided and make sure that cricket shouldn’t be used more for commercial benefits and focus should be maintain to the game growth and team performance. The majority of the Indian team players are very much focused on doing commercials and lack proper practice and jelling of team members together also did much harm to our chances to hold the trophy again. The question still needs proper answer if players like Shewag and Zaheer is down with injuries why did selection committee included these players in team for such major tournament or do the captain say and priority in picking the players has not been allowed. On the other hand teams like Srilanka , Westindies and South Africa shown exceptional quality and unity as a team when compared to Indian team. The failure becomes part and parcel of every sport and learning from mistakes to improve it and taking corrective actions to repeat the same mistakes is always been a cause of concern to our Indian cricket team. Every time Indian team participates in important tournaments controversies followed the team very much. Lets forgot the failure and but on many occasions India lost several matches after reaching close to the targets and loosing directions there after. It is high time board, selection committee and players should feel themselves accountable for their mistakes rather than putting the blame on somebody’s shoulder. The captain and team has shown very bad performance and we never exhibited the spirit of fighting and taking up the challenges head on. The victory by Pakistan in final shows how they united together and played when mattered. The Pakistan cricket is undergoing very bad patch and frequent terrorist attacks made the country unsafe yet the players regrouped under the leadership of Younis khan after showing mediocre performance in the initial stages of the tournament.


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