The UPA back to power again and very well settled down to the business of governing the nation. The Jumbo cabinet with 79 ministers in place both cabinet ranks and ministers of state. The cabinet looks very well poised to rule the nation for next five years with a balanced composition of youth and experienced ones., the real caliber of the cabinet is to be ascertained on the basis of their power to deliver on the promises ,.When compared to last UPA Govt the present one is much stronger and enough to take the nation forward because the congress has much greater say and allocation of ministerial portfolios went some what smoothly and major portfolios are headed by congress men.

The next five year ahead of us throws out very complex problems on various fonts and how better this incumbent govt is going tackle the problems is remained to be seen. The home Minster portfolio is retained by Chidabaram and foreign affairs is handled by SM Krishna and finance minister is Pranabmukherji .These three important portfolios really directs the economy and our nation’s position in international affairs and other prominent one is internal security which erstwhile UPA govt has handled it very badly. The congress manifesto shows very interesting promises and how the incumbent govt is going to achieve is yet to see. The People have given a clear mandate to the congress and their allies to rule the country for next five years and people of India want a very strong and stable govt at the centre. The stock market responded very positively after the verdict in and hoping to continue the positive sentiments shown by the investors, but on the economic front important concerns for stronger economy needs to be addressed and the kind of road map the finance Minster is going to follow is what every one of us is eagerly waiting to watch and experience. The external issues prevailing in our neighboring countries like Srilanka and Pakistan is issues of major importance which could have an bearing on our internal security .so constructive and peaceful resolution is what people expect from the govt.

The rural sector needs more funding and focused approach to improve the conditions and lively hood of the people and very strong policy measures and the will to implement the development measures on a large scale is need of the hour. We cannot have two different phase of India to emerge one modeled by rich and other modeled by poorer of the poorest, Instead of that people expect very balanced and constructive approach in improving the conditions of rural sector. The agriculture is another ministry which has been bogged down with inaction last time .The centre and state coordination should be very well used and put in to action effectively to reach out to the millions of suffering population.

The minority appeasement is always been the favorable position which all previous congress govts has followed and if the repetition of the same would create social unrest and imbalances in the society. The big brother attitude should be completely changed and should allow the opposition to play a very vital role in all issues and important decisions concerning the nations should be taken through consensus and not by showing unilateral approach. The govt should play very proactive role in all major international issues instead of blindly supporting or following the USA. The third world nations should cooperate together to abolish the world hegemony enjoyed by USA and need to fight it out have a say on all major issues. The largest democracy should seek the support of all nations to get a prominent role to play in UN security council……the list goes down one by one ………have the incumbent govt got the strength to do all this or they would turn a blind eye towards all the issues and engages in playing dirty politics to consolidate the vote bank to remain in power for ever. In democracy the actions of the govt speaks more than words and do the Manmohan sing govt has the guts to deliver or not? The verdict should not be taken it for granted and people wants actions not words.


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