Election atmosphere……:

The biggest democracy and largest democratic event, yes the 2009 election to loka sabha is one of the biggest exercise in the history of democracy. The poll among the second largest populated country is one of the kinds of its own in the world. The prospects of two prime national parties hopes  to form the next government seems to be in limbo because none of them is going to achieve the magical number required to form the government. Ever since independence apart from congress no other political party could garner the single majority to rule the country .expect the first congress government headed by Nehru on both  other occasions the congress single handedly came to power because of creating a wave of sympathy when both the  Nehru family members mother & son   had met with tragedy which took their lives .Now the present situation has changed a lot ,the influence of  regional political formations has   already made deep inroads among the cross section of the people and people started restoring confidence among the regional parties to solve the issues pertaining  to them  because of the inability of  national parties to address regional issues. So the happening of the single party to come to power is a distant dream.



The two prime national parties BJP and Congress have to have the support of the regional allies and need to compromise on their ideologies to give space for their concerns. The so called coalition dharma always given raise to favoritism and partiality to please the allies there by clinching to power. The present NDA & UPA formations consist of regional allies who change their camp from BJP to congress and vice versa based pure opportunistic approach. So it remains too been seen how people is going to choose their next government at the centre. Here the question remains weather the people decision should be purely on the basis of ideology or on the basis of political issues. When BJP campaigned for the just completed assembly elections on the issue of terrorism which party experienced a series blow when they lost couple of states which they expected to make a turn around. So this election seems to be very complex in nature with lot of issues our country has been affected with and its takes how different section of people takes the issue in their heart. So main political parties have fine tuned their strategies to fight the election on different planks and use of technology and media is one of the new medium they are trying to explore. The political exercise seems to be a complex one psepoholgist finds it hard to reach to a conclusion, but one thing is very clear people of our country   need a decisive and strong government who proves by action not by words. People of our country means business not a government who is inactive and senseless to issues with out any actions.


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