Slum dog millionaire an eye opener

The slum dog millionaire grabs the most prestigious Oscar award for the best film for 2008   and thus India’s much awaited and anticipated success in the field of art and music became a reality. The success and talent of Indians becomes goes global and every one across the world accepted the film with full hands. The recognition came in the form of great music composition by Rehman and outstanding marvel shown by Rasool pookuty for capturing the sounds in an original which indeed is an art very hard to imbibe and execute., Indians cannot expect much better deal than this so this coveted award is very well termed as a recognition for the entire country and its citizens. we had a great directors  in the likes  of  satyajith  ray  who grabbed the life time achievement award before this .


The Indias culture and art forms are always been greater attraction for the western community and but they failed to accept the great depth and subtle emotions we portrayed in our movies. The current success comes after a long period of western domination and authority . the great country with diverse customs and traditions have immense themes and content to show to the world .The slum dog millionaire directed by a foreigner who show cases the real essence and life of Mumbai slum in his celluloid went on to become one of the outstanding movie for this year. The life and emotions of poor and suppressed human life’s always been a great theme to project and this how real cinema evolves and this is how it should be in the coming years also .The film cannot be considered as some thing very outstanding in many ways in the formative years we had some great movies form this subcontinent which got unnoticed in such forums and most of the time the Oscar juries has very well rejected our directorial talents..The simple theme and yet powerful one where in which a boy from Indian slum went on to become a millionaire by winning the reality quiz show.


Many would argue that and its is right to point out the fact that we had many number of movies of this genre which are better placed than this one, but any how we need to be proud that our talented music director and man from god’s own country could make to the top of the list to grab this prestigious award on their areas of interest. The award would definitely give the Indian cinemas a great motivation and we could expect much such success from Indian directors also.  But if we take a closer look on this movie there is not much an aura or greatness which could be attributed to this movie. but the simple theme which absorbs the emotions and hardships faced by  small children’s in  the slums, when world around them are moving fast and people around them enjoying comfort and luxurious life helps to think all of us the other  hard side of life. The film also is an eye opener to the Indian people and politicians that when they speak volumes of praises and immense achievements we have made since independence there is much more left for us to fulfill by changing and improving the sufferings of the poor and down trod den’s conditions   The real essence of this great country still remains the same and vulnerable. If a film like slum dog millionaire could grab a celluloid success in the field of cinema why can’t we take  an  earnest effort to make the world  watch to see how we are changing the lives of such under privileged class of our populations and initiatives to rehabilitate and help  them  realize their dreams and aspirations. So when you celebrate success and fame we all need to take hard look at the real issue and take steps to improve it……..jai ho…….jai ho…….





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