When we are celebrating our 60 the republic day the road which we have traveled ever since the country had became independent .Every citizens of India should be proud and delighted to think that we all together stood for a democratic country with all diverse beliefs and customs. The road ahead also seems to challenging one with humps and sharp turns  we all are rest assured that  we as a country is going surpass all the  impediments on our way. The need to retrospective look would help us a great deal to find the mistakes and would help to have right course of action to surge ahead. The aspiration and dream to become a super power in all parameters should be viewed in macro level .so we should have larger picture in vision and macro level action to achieve the dream of being super power in the coming years.

 Signs on the right track

            As a nation we have showed a tremendous improvement in various sectors and need to maintain the same pace to reach the ultimate goal. We have growing economy in place with growth rate of 7 to 8 % .We have controlled inflationary measures in place to tackle the price rise. The significant increase in FII’s inflow is also growing from Y0Y, this trend shows our country is becoming an attractive destination for such players. We also should be happy  that our foreign direct investment is increasing .our large corporate houses are shown and still showing enough signs to do over seas aqustion and prepared enough to extend their turf globally. We can be proud our desi brands are very well on then verge of becoming global brands.

Our IT sector is continues to be key driver in the economy and still running stronger . we are blessed with a quality manpower  who are youngsters driving the momentum forward.  more than 50% of our population are young bloods and aspires a lot which is going to reshape our nation ,on the contrary other foreign nations  are severely facing the shortage of young population . 

Education needs more focus.

      The good education is always one of the strong pillar and we are on the right to have 100 % literate society , to keep our ambitions to get realized we need more focus and planning to make that happen. The proper education and schooling to the poorer and poorest section of the society stills seems to be a major problem. The need to ramp up the required infrastructure is very much essential for growth. The  public private partner ship is  needed to carry out the activities to improve things. The concept should be simple every panchayaths and villages should have a good school in place with all amenities for learning. The NGO’s should play a vital role in making the effort fruit full and successful.  

Health care and hospitals 

       The fundamental to our nation’s growth derives from healthy society so keeping that in view a societal health is more important and need hygiene hospitals in every panchayath and town ship with free of cost access in quality health care. We could still find many of the villages in north India where infant mortality rates are on the higher side .so focused approach is necessary to solve this deep rooted problem. The responsible government and bureaucrats should be made accountable for the success and failure of such initiatives. It’s a well known truth that funding for such projects never gets utilized properly.

Micro finance need more thrust.

       If any one goes through the book written  by Mohamed Yonnus “The banker to the poor “ The successful  man made the impossible possible if this can happen in Bangladesh why can’t it happen in larger and powerful nation like ours. So the  private& public banks  should  to come out  with such venture .when all the  women and men starts earning it naturally creates  very stronger impact on growth when every individuals have income to spare means  economy naturally becomes strong and vibrant.  The micro financing would do a world of wonders if it gets implemented in the right interest. 

Kerala model of people participation in development

  The outstanding contribution by leftists to involve the people’s participation in development is  a great idea indeed , which has the potential to create far reaching reforms in the society .The nation  wide implementation of such plan should be on war foot basis. The direct involvement of the people in development will render radical changes in societal progress. When every individual becomes accountable creates  greater thrust and effort to make very step a huge success.                                                              

Time to ease out corruption.

     In every public place the corruption has became menace which hindered the progress to larger extend. If we analyze closely a lot of good projects and proposals which got sanctioned by the government but never gets implemented in the right direction. So naturally such initiatives will loose its significance and no major changes are going to happen in the society.

 Need for strong leaders and leadership 

  The poltics of today can only be summarized as uncanny ability to be successful opportunists to gain power by hook or crook. Baring few most of politicians follow no basic ideology simply adamant  in gaining power and making money. The strong leader ship always means  strong thoughts and powerful vision . politics should be neat and clean and every one should focus on nations growth by improving the living condition of common people.I know this looks a dream which never going to happen  and perhaps if happens  will create a wind of a change in all facets. 

Need more investment in Research and development:

   The research and development plays a vital role in any  nations growth and has the potential to create wider ramifications in society. The important issue seems to be the  focus on developing drugs and medicines , we still depends more on foreign companies to supply  it  with higher cost .So extensive and focused research should happen on all sectors . 

Agriculture should be the thrust area. 

  We are lucky enough to have constant growth in agriculture and still this sector contributes more than every sector in Indian economy. So we cannot allow agriculture to play a second fiddle role in growth. Agriculture should be treated very important as ever and more thrust on funding should happen on continuous basis to support the sector. Our larger cross section of our population still depends on agriculture as their lively hood so very considerate and supportive policies should be in place to make this sector alive and evergreen.. 

Focus more on diplomacy and improve relations. 

  In the diplomatic front  especially as major nation in South East Asia we should play a  very balanced approach and shrewd diplomacy to have very good relation ship with neighbors and use the opportunity  in other countries to improve trade and related investments to make our growth evenly balanced. We always should be pro-active in responding towards the issues in our neighboring countries. So  a very  strong diplomacy would creates opportunity  as responsible nation to become a larger player and democratic country as such. 


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