Mumbai Terror Attacks

Mumbai has experienced series of attacks ever before and many people lost their lives and valiant soldiers and polices sacrificed in those encounters. But the recent incident in Mumbai hotels shows their deep sense of understanding and existing vulnerabilities in Indian security system. The methodology was simple and precise to create of series of attacks and let the world know that India is not safest place to be in and they also want to signify the strength and will power of such terrorists groups to operate any where they want to be. we always do postmortem after an incident happens and India always witnessed such attacks in different part of the country on a frequent basis, but it high time to think seriously and act in firm to stop or to curb such initiatives. we weep and raise slogans once something happens and naturally seriousness gets dried down once every thing is over. We been lucky and fortunate enough to have issues of politics ,corruption and so on so forth but we never ever tried to get down the bottom of the details and solve it, naturally the result would be the people of India should always becomes sufferers of such serious errors from the part of government and bureaucracy. The route through which they traveled to reach their respective destinations to carry out such attacks looks simple and forthright because they seriously operates on such ways and means. we have maritime surveillance in place and navy and cost guard patrolling such costal areas but those group of people simply evaded the guards attentions and did what they want to achieve, learn form the mistakes but we been learning more to commit mistakes rather than rectifying it.

The present government seriously lacks the political will and astute decisions to counter this form of attacks. When entire country has witnessed such siege going on relentlessly the home minister appears in the television completely helpless and out of sorts and he admits the intelligence failure. The seriousness is severely lacking in the present system of governance every political parties are only interested in creating vote bank . It also high time to take collective responsibility from all political parties and our intelligence group .The serious error lacking in our security apparatus low level of coordination and time lag in taking corrective measures to counter such threats. Our systems are not effective in proactive measures and always done it reactively by the time many of life’s have been lost. The terrorism in larger perspective need to be dealt in a very strong terms with out any comprise, for that we need very strong anti terror law in place and there is serious concern internally to monitor the SIMI and its various organizations .The terrorism always work well when they get support from such organizations .Globally terrorism is becoming a serious concern and need to identify the source and money to fund such heinous act. The world and its well laid down facts shows and vindicated the Pakistan is the country which is been regularly harboring the terrorism and its various institutions.

Religion is always meant to teach and nurture harmony and peace among the society and all religions communicate the same message but large religions like Islam who has millions of followers neither they believe jihad and nor they engage in such heinous crimes. The local mullahs having no educational back ground teaches and interprets Islam in different and dangerous manner which amounts to brain wash the youngsters to do such crime. The responsibility is really huge on the government and the society at large to settle the problems right from Kashmir to various religious fanaticism and orchestrates such violent attacks against Muslim. The diplomatic channels should be used efficiently to pursue Pakistan to come hard on the terror networks operating in their country. The time has come us to realize the fact that strong measures and effective counter terrorism law should be in place.


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