An American Ploy

The Nuclear deal between India and US has become a reality .The significance of this deal is of course first time America signs such an special provision deal with another country who has not become signatory of CTBT and NPT regimes. When India signs the 1 23 agreement , obviously becoming a reality which every other country looks with caution and an element of suspicion but we considers it as a biggest diplomatic success of Man Mohan sing cabinet .The implications of the deal and its future throws of out ample& ambiguous questions which the present governments finds hard to answer.

Yes Nuclear deal with America is indeed an achievement, when started facing the nuclear apartheid regime ,since our first nuclear test. But as per the restrictions and control imposed by USA in the deal given us moments to think. Are we surrendering our sovereignty and independent nuclear policy? Or do we think such an deal is very much imminent at this moment?, when we have flourishing defense cooperation with Russia. We as responsible people should know what is happening and wider national debate should happen when our ruling politicians take such crucial decisions. The USA is always considered as naïve state who orchestrates different types of initiatives of this nature in line with their changing geo political and strategic interests. The deal in nutshell limits our opportunity to conduct future tests . India ever dare to test a nuclear device the deal stands cancelled and fuel supply would stop in turn stops the functioning of reactors , even the sharing of technology to recycle the used fuel is also very limited

The safe guard agreement also curtails our scope to independent nuclear research .the long term prospects using the thorium as nuclear fuel which is widely & richly available in India. The American ploy to make other country overly depends on them is their strategy which they always pursued and would be pursued in future to gain superiority as world power .The recent financial crisis becomes the true testimony towards such an interest. When several big names in financial sectors found their shares plummeting one following other declared as bankrupt like a pack of cards.

The USA is war mongering and capitalist country, who pursues ultra modern free market economy and structuring such loan in to structured debt obligations, which attracted b

banks and investment groups to buy and trade as shares with lot of aspiration. The so called collatrised debt obligation was considered as very safe and secure because it was from USA. The free market economy has inflicted a terrible shocks across the world and major financial institutions are under immense pressure to withstand the crisis. The world is awaiting the policies and measures adopted by Obama regime to tackle the crisis and his approach towards India after the nuclear agreement. The historical president election ever in the history of America and that to black American came to power .So the recent turn around in history is going to create a greater change in global politics.


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