Do Twenty Twenty gets evolved into Tenty Tenty

The winner of this year DLF IPL’s tournament is nothing but a team of fresh faces and in experienced bunch of youngsters who performed spectacularly well under the superb leadership of legendary leggie ShaneWarne. The team owners of this tournament paid huge money to have well known international faces in their teams and most of them were failure .The success of the winner in this tournament lies in the excellent team play and execution of each task assigned to them to near perfection. The tournament also opened up excellent platform for youngsters to showcase the talents, the process which lasted 40 odd days thrown up some very exciting prospects for one day matches.

The tournament also shown to the world how well corporate and sports should work in tandem to explore the possible prospects in the game. The IPL tournament was characterized by huge money and return on investments expected by the owners of the team .The tournament also shown how players were committed and loyal to their owners which otherwise would be missing when they represent for the country. The sheer audacity with each player played every match shows the power of money can bring to each individual. The chairman of IPL Mr Lalith Modi’s suggestion to BCICI to organize such tournaments twice in an year shows how successful the tournament became .The though provoking situation is whether this new format of the game is going to replace the conventional test and one day matches. The conventional stars of the game both in test and one day are slowly getting faded and this tournament has given new hope and shortcut means to reach the Indian team.

The Idea would have indeed served the nation better if the board has adopted this concept in Ranji league matches to promote the players. The sheer commercial interest involved to promote such short formats shouldn’t come in the way to distort the original spirit including the original followers of the game. The IPL shown new vistas to big hitting and conventional shot making is very much missing and bowlers were treated as mere pedestrians and frequent inside and outside edges only added insult to the bowler’s confidence. The objective is to score runs; batting team would feel comfortable, no matter how runs are coming. The twenty match format has shown the glimpses of superb big hitting and incredible slogging which you hardly find any where just imagine if team scores two hundred plus in twenty over match, the situation by any stretch of imagination scoring four hundred plus in an fifty over match is not a distant reality. Hurray what a great transformation the game has undergone. The grand success achieved by Indian premier league is nothing but the result of focused advertisement with the support of media .The three in one package of sports, entertainment and glamour would work well in the future also. When future unravels twenty over format might get evolved as ten over format.


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