"Sachin" He is best in the game

Cricket enthusiast and fans are contemplating that Sachin tendulker might hang his boot from international cricket. The gentle cricketer has strenuously strived hard by contributing to cricket for 22 years with unflinching commitment and dedication, which is beyond any body’s guess. But the master blaster has seen lots of ups and downs and unwanted criticism from several quarters but he faced every, good and bad with and treated in matured manner, he replied every critics with his bat. But I really feel so unhappy how our media and commentators handled Sachin’s episode on quite a few occasions. The Sachin‘s prime time was considered on of the toughest period, which no other cricketer had gone through. Those times Indian team heavily depended on sachin’s performance and when ever he fired, chances for India winning is really brighter, I think it ridiculous to judge him based on the statisticians records and irresponsible comparisons just like country gauge the trends in inflation.

I don’t know why we keep forgetting the service offered by him. The records naturally followed him than he followed records. But recently Indian team has found some sort of balance in the form of youngsters. Every thing looks pretty now a days for India, but in the middle of sachin’s career he has taken an unceremonious exit as a captain of Indian team and focused hard on his batting that episode drew a lot of criticism I don’t understand when a player in the public space lacks the freedom to take decisions. Sachin decisions proved right because he believed that he can contribute better as batsman than captaining the team, cricket is one among the major sports across the world that has gone through the most public scrutiny and medias keep writing about the life style and even intruded in to their personal spaces. But this great master blaster could with stand all these impediments years after years. Whenever he walks in to the middle of the ground the responsibility he shoulders was immense we cannot handle such pressures in life may be his entire family stood by him.

Because when ever sachin delivers as an opener we scored a comfortable totals and chased down successfully more number of occasions. I think he was the only player in the world whom was the target of strike bowlers .The strategy to out wit his skills became the prime motive which has let down to some of the worst appeals and judgments to send him back to pavilion. I never seen in my life in the midst such a heavy pressure he never lost his composure and temperament and always looked forward to go out play his natural game. When injury took heavy toll on his body he continued to play the game and was flexible enough to curtail some of his attacking shots from his armory, so such quality takes a lot of heart and intellect to deliver. The subtle late glance from his bat was an art and impeccable perfection with which he executes was precise and his sublime straight drives and cover drives is cynosure of attraction to every one watches the sport. The game has taken heavy transformation and becoming fastly commerclised, But sachin’ s era of cricket is going to stand still and tall. The Sydney knock shows the glimpses of his past and controlled and calculated innings shows how natural he is and switching of gear from attacking to defensive is an art, which comes natural to him. So if he wants to continue both forms of the game, he is the best judge to make judgment about his retirement others critics are just a chatterbox around it.


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