Retail gaints and thier growing influence

Retail bug is catching hold of every Indian cities. Many of the big and small retails giants are coming out with one stop solution for all the consumers. The big Indian corporate lining out or setting up strategies to start retail out lets across the country. The developing country like is India one among the consumer friendly across the world. The percentage of young population and increasing widening population with more consumable income to spare is the most attractive feature .The big retails giants like Wal-Mart are focusing to exploit this change in demographic nature of the second largest populated nation in this world. The spending behavior has taken a drastic change and people are willing to spend more on costlier clothes, embracing new technologies spending more on luxurious consumer goods and so on and so forth. . The banks are pouring out ready loans to add much to the spending spree.

The opposition for retailing in India also getting stronger than ever because a considerable number of people are depend on the retail shops to lead their lively hoods. Once the big and small retail giants come to the scene in a big way the unorganized retailing shops in India are going get affected .The big retails opens up spanking infrastructure and attractive packing which naturally attracts more consumers .The big players are well equipped to manage the prices considerably because they are capable enough to cut the intermediaries chains of supply chain .they have adopted strategy to reach out to the consumers directly from the manufactures to consumers. so cost of the good get reduced drastically. They have more integrated storage and go down facilities to store goods and groceries for a considerable time. So one way the organized retailing is good but on the other side the new change is going to affect the people involved in unorganized sector. The big international retail giants are dreaming to expand their business in India in big way but for the time being they would focus only in big metros but in future they might gradually expand to tier 2 cities also, so the time to panic is not yet arrived.

The ire against the retail sector is going to come in big way once the multinational giant consolidates their position in India. They are capable of controlling and manipulating the prices of common goods and services which becomes unaffordable to the poorer section of the society. The government has come out with some policy changes to support the retail sectors giants coming to India but how far the government is going control this encroachment to the common man’s space is yet to seen. Once situation becomes competitive their might arise situation where this retail giants start to control the prices of agricultural goods. The potential for retail sector to grown on average 1-2% of GDP is going to come.


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