A journey to wagamon

The life is a journey where we all come across lots of up’s and down’s but as usual it goes on with some moments to cheer and despair. But it’s the attitude and will of the mind which comes to the fore…….so those who had such afore mentioned characteristic trait can perform in the stage by out performing the inhibitions.. of our mind…….But a good journey in to the nature’s gift helped us all to earn relief form the strenous pressure of work life. ……once we all reached, Wagamon we all had very different out look ,out there that is just to enjoy the moment to the max extent…. The 5 hours journey from TVM to Idduki usually should have taken its toll on our body and mind….but to cheer it up and make us to keep vibrant we all took the magical pegs of rejuvenation and the usual rocking and dancing in tune with stereo music…made us to forget the distance we had traversed but realized the distance between the mind and enjoyment. The journey culminated its foremost destination wagamon at 6.30 pm and we made necessary arrangements for a hassle free stay overnight. After making every thing intact we all shifted to one of the cool and chilly location which is characterized by small hills with lush green grass over it ,adding perfect back ground for the whole situation a clear sky with twinkling star over the head and a nice natural air-conditioned atmosphere powered by slow chilled breeze. The time was so joyful in nature filled with lot of wits and comments. The idea of a drive from the hill to suicide point which many of the members accepted with bit of reluctance but we finally decided to travel to the suicide point, but the journey got really tough once we didn’t find proper way to reach that place….so every one decided to wind up the ambition of reaching the point on that night. but because of fate ,we found a small way which finally helped us to reach the suicide point…….As every one got out from the car with bit of reluctance because the vehicle got parked very close to the deep trench but each and very one was so careful than what they used to do while they study. After spending few hours over the top we slowly felt the need to have the pegs of rejuvenation in the background of some good selected music and the slow mist slowly came from the bottom of the valley slowly made the scene more dark for second and left the scene out right but we kept dancing to the tunes of some vibrant music……..the performance of one the participant was really a treat for eyes …….after finishing the heavy dancing session we went to retrieve by listening to some beautiful slow romantic music as every one sat on different corners ideally .Once every thing got over our sweet appetite slowly turned to hunger which has to be dealt with so we drove down to the hotel and had a pretty heavy dinner and again joined by one of the hotel staff together sang some beautiful and typical Malayalam songs. The trip never lost its charm and energy next day we traveled to pine forest one of the nice spot to have cool and calm atmosphere in the midst of large pine trees sheltering us from the sun. We had minor pegs of rejuvenation and every one is so interested to have toddy and karmeen and frog so on and so forth the session in the toddy shop was indeed great even though we sat in an ordinary atmosphere with sweet toddy and traditional foods made us feel home. The drive finally reached to kumarkam one of the finest backwaters of Kerala with rare natural and geographical importance where the sea and lagoon works in tandem ………the trip to the backwaters in house boat was really exhilarating as it would be ….the 2 hour we had spend in kumarakoam was absolutely great and we really couldn’t miss the sight of sun set ………over and above the journey was quite useful for cementing ties for good friendship and more…………. Thus alas Shafer got what he wanted and left to Dubai


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